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Welcome to HEROES_ICONS100! This community is basically for iconmakers to claim a subject for a certain amount of time in order to meet the challenge of making 100 icons out of said subject. So, if you consider yourself a devout fan of Heroes, show us your devotion and take the challenge today!
How it Works Rules
Join the community. You must be a member to participate.
Submit a claim for your subject of choice at this post and then wait to be approved. Once approved, you will be given posting access and you may then begin to post icons of your subject.
You make 100 icons out of your subject following certains terms and themes. You don't have to post your icons all in one go...you may post them in small batches each time.
If you've completed the challenge successfully, comment at the Hall of Fame post to get listed. You also get a shiny banner to show off! Your subject is then free for the taking again.
As part of the challenge, 50 of your 100 icons must contain certain themes. Themes are listed below. Be creative with your themes, use your imagination! There are no theme police here to determine whether the theme was used correctly, icon them as you see fit. Remember it is required to include these themes with your 100 icons.
When posting your icons to the community please do so in the following format -- Subject, Batch #, Themes if any and any Additonal Notes. These can include credits, disclaimers and rules. Always include your batch number! It helps us mods when we tag your entries for the community index.
Questions about the rules? Something you want to ask the mods about? Just refer to our handy FAQ page. Ask any other additional questions you may have at that post as well.
The subject of this community is Heroes, the characters, the actors/actresses, pairings/otps/ships, guest stars, the actor/actress that plays a guest star, one particular episode, or one particular season. For more information on rules pertaining to the subjects, please refer to the FAQ.
Each subject may only be claimed by one person at any given time. A span of 10 weeks is given for you to complete the 100 icons for your subject. To prevent "fake claims", you must post at least your first batch within the first 2 weeks of claiming a subject.
Each person may claim up to two subjects at a time. Participants with two subjects have the same 10 weeks to complete their icons as those with only one claim. In short, 200 icons must be completed within the same 10 week time frame.
All 100 icons must contain your subject in them. Your icon can include other characters as long as your subject is in the icon as well, but please do this sparingly and keep the focus on your subject.
You do not have to post 100 icons in one go. You can break them up into smaller batches. A minimum of six icons is required per batch. Please put your icons behind a cut! You are allowed to preview up to 3 icons outside of the cut. Fake cuts are allowed.
If your icon contains questionable rating content, please post a noticeable warning and place all of those icons behind a cut. You MUST do this!
Please make new icons for this challenge. Put effort into your icons as well. Devotion to your subject is key here, so show it in your icons.


Copy and paste the themes into Notepad or a Text Editor for easy reference


If you would like to become an affiliate, please comment here.
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Layout: resplandor
Rules/Themes/Concepts: unspell and csiicons100
All art and modifications by all_at_once
Mini Icons: famfamfam
All layout profile codes thanks to SpaceGraphics